Welcome to our website!

Dumont’s llc is an independent facility specializing in the service and repair of the Porsche automobile. Dumont’s llc. is family owned and operated and has been in business for over 40 years providing professional service to the Porsche community at affordable prices.

Having serviced Porsches exclusively for over 40 years provides us with the knowledge and ability to service your Porsche in the most competent manner possible. Whether you own a 356, a 997, or a Cayenne we have the information and special tools required to service your Porsche properly. We are one of the few Independent Porsche repair shops that utilize the factory diagnostic equipment to diagnose the complex systems that today’s Porsches require. This provides us the ability to “test and not guess” and repair your Porsche at a lower cost to you.

Dumont’s llc. understands the love affair many of you have with your Porsche and we take care of your car accordingly. All of our customer’s cars are stored in our building every night under constant monitoring from the police and fire station so you can sleep sound knowing your investment is safe. I mean, after all, you wouldn’t leave your car parked outside all night so we won’t either!

Please call or come by, share a cup of coffee, a story about your Porsche, or ask questions. You will be glad you did!